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What it is

01. How would you seduce a fellow member or hot_like_neon? I'd obtain the member's mailing address to commence a correspondence, thus blurring the line between lighthearted past time and very real, very terrible, very tenable reality. I would permeate such a one's consciousness through employing the time-honored practice of spraying my letters with a bewitching perfume.
This would cause the fellow member's neuron's to misfire, and for this fellow member to go buckwild. The pheasant will be composed of the highest-quality meat available, packaged in only the finest styrofoam and cellophane.
02. Why would you be an awesome addition to this community? I'm learning comics the Mighty Marvel Way:

I feel badly about the foul language.

My other talents include eating ramen, skating, watching tennis, playing piano, and drawing.
03. Have you ever "toastfucked" a neighbor? Debacle!!
04. Name three of your favorite bands. Television, Dizzee Rascal, The Dismemberment Plan.
05. List one other reason why we should approve you. I'm too proud to use Live Journal, but I woke up very early this morning and, since it was too early for combing the net for pictures of Betty, Veronica, Svenson and Mrs. Grundy, I found your community and realized that Yes, I do want to make the crazy bitches go wild.
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