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HEY! look at me !

here goes the application...

how would you seduce a fellow member of hot_like_neon?

approach them in a skimpy outfit, power is sexy, so then i invite them to invade other planets on my rocket ship. and if they refuse, *points gun* invasion is inevitable!!!! mua-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

why would you be an awesome addition to this community?

because i am the cure for cancer, i can cut a rug, i am hep to the jive, because im on a mission from god, i can say "oh my god theres an axe in my head" in hebrew.

have you ever "toastfucked" a neighbor?

its # 37 on my to do list.

name three of your favorite bands.

jurassic 5, fatback, beck

list one other reason why we should approve you.

because im the best thing since small pox vaccine!
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