old_wound (old_wound) wrote in hot_like_neon,

01. How would you seduce a fellow member or <http://www.livejournal.com/community/hot_like_neon/>? i would bat my eyelashes, say hey baby and give em a kiss.
02. Why would you be an awesome addition to this community? 'cause i'm just fuckin cool like that. i'm really nice and laid back and i wanna make some friends ! and i make some damn good muffins.
03. Have you ever "toastfucked" a neighbor? toastfucked? nope, couldn't say that i have. maybe i'd like to though.
04. Name three of your favorite bands. mae, yeah yeah yeahs, at the drive in
05. List one other reason why we should approve you. i have a big thing for hipbones. and i do have nice hipbones too
...feel free to add pictures or art work that you think may persuade us to say YES.
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