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You came to see a rock show

. . .a big gigantic cock show.

[dancing] h e a r t s
Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
Triple bypass - only double A, triple x [XXX]
here it comes. . .
Make s u r e you can hear me before you speak up:
all you motha fuckas step up.

All members must apply AND be accepted into this community before posting/voting.

01. How would you seduce a fellow member or hot_like_neon?
02. Why would you be an awesome addition to this community?
03. Have you ever "toastfucked" a neighbor?
04. Name three of your favorite bands.
05. List one other reason why we should approve you.
...feel free to add pictures or art work that you think may persuade us to say YES.

MEMBERS: Members may vote "yes/no" on all those that apply, there will be a twenty-four hour voting period before applicants are stamped yes or no. Also, members of hot_like_neon OWN you mothafuck.

WARNING: We are fuckheads, elitists and Dennis ...most of us are either too cool for you and/or an asshole.